unwanted medication disposal

There are many situations that can result in a person having medications that they do not need or can’t take any longer. No matter what the...

Fun Facts


Pekin lab is old fashioned in décor and service, but we are cutting edge as well. Within the last year we replaced our robotic counting unit again. The current one is the third one the Lab has used. That is three more than any other pharmacy in town. Technology behind the scenes allows us to keep people free to help those who need us.


Some may be surprised to learn that we have more than one delivery truck running, in fact on weekdays we have three trucks making free deliveries as well as our oxygen delivery van.


Our oxygen drivers have the coolest nicknames in the store. Patients gave them the nickname “The oxygen angels.” Tough act for the rest of us to follow.


We might employ more umpires (two) than anybody else. Not counting places that actually use umpires in their official capacity.


At Pekin Prescription Lab we have both the knowledgeable staff and the necessary equipment to meet the needs of all of our patients. We prepare all types of compounds at the Lab, including bio-identical hormones, suspensions, transdermal pain medications, and even flavored medications for pets. If you and your prescriber have a need for a specialty medication, we can help you.

We Deliver... For Free

Unlike some places who offer delivery a few days per week or only limited hours, we offer delivery all day and every day that we are open. There is never a charge to have your medication or home medical equipment delivered to your door.

Home Medical Equipment

At Pekin Prescription Lab we provide all types of home medical equipment to meet patient needs. We have adaptive equipment for your home such as elevated toilet seats, toilet safety rails, bed rails, grab bars, bath benches and the like. We also have available for rent or purchase a large variety of equipment such as hospital beds, wheelchairs, walkers, 4 wheeled walkers, crutches, canes etc.

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